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best rule combination yet! - elackops - 08-02-2015


I thought i would share this.

After many tests by rules to recover as many plains in fast time i found this rule combination best yet at least for me.

Run rule1 and rule2 same time in hashcat & enjoy. (you can also run your fav rule with rule1, works perfect.)

the rules:


RE: best rule combination yet! - atom - 08-02-2015


RE: best rule combination yet! - _NSAKEY - 08-02-2015

Have you looked into PACK? If not, you will find rulegen.py to be of interest. If you benchmark your own PACK-generated rulesets (Ordered by popularity, of course) and swap out rules that don't work in your real-world testing with rules that performed well in your already-released rule files, you might get some slightly better crack percentages. 

To give you a frame of reference, my testing of rule1.rule with a specific hash list/dictionary combination yielded 65.71% cracked. My personal best with a PACK-generated ruleset of a similar size under the same conditions is 64.37%. Frankensteining the two together by incorporating the best rules from both sets could probably lead to some gains worth talking about.

RE: best rule combination yet! - gearjunkie - 08-03-2015

Rule1 looks very similar to TonyS' top_5000.rule from https://hashcat.net/forum/thread-4276.html.