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Geforce GS250 - conito26 - 05-29-2010

Someone tell me if Geforce GS250 could run Oclhashcat with good performance
Thanks in advance

RE: Geforce GS250 - Rolf - 05-29-2010

With decent performance.
~610M p/s on single MD5.

RE: Geforce GS250 - vector - 05-29-2010

What is GS250 ? May be you mean GTS250 ?

Rolf ~610M p/s on single MD5 - are you sure if we speak about GTS250Wink

RE: Geforce GS250 - Rolf - 05-29-2010

That's my pure calculations.
It could be +- 50.

RE: Geforce GS250 - conito26 - 05-29-2010

Thanks to Rolf and Vector for sharing with me this thread
Sorry i mean GTS250/Geforce 250
Is it also 610M p/s on NTLM mode?

RE: Geforce GS250 - Rolf - 05-29-2010

NTLM will ~ 592M p/s on 1 hash.

RE: Geforce GS250 - vector - 05-31-2010

conito26 you can expect about ~450M/s with single MD5 and ~420M/s with 500 000 md5 hashes.
For vBulletin salted hashes ~160M/s with single hash and ~0,3M/s with 500 salted hashes.

You can get these results if you OC the shaders to 2000Mhz !