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RE: Packages for Linux distributions - kartan - 12-09-2015

I agree so far with the last summary.
There should not be a mix between shared and static files e.g. the docs should go in /usr/share/doc/hashcat or /usr/share/doc/oclHhashcat/

I am against doing creating ~/.hashcat/rules and ~/.hashcat/masks as default as well as supporting autocomplete for these. This just would confuse the user and custom rules will be kept in specific paths anyway.

A common-package would be nice but may be obsolete anyway before it will enter any stable tree, sounds as too much work for little to none pay.

RE: Packages for Linux distributions - epixoip - 12-09-2015

The reason why I suggested an internal search path is to help keep command lines sane.

Here's an example: I want to run a simple rule-based attack.

oclHashcat64 hashlist wordlist -r /usr/share/oclHashcat/rules/best64.rule


oclHashcat64 hashlist wordlist -r best64.rule

And the reason why I suggested paths for rules, hcmask files, etc in the working directory are for similar reasons. If a user creates their own rules, hcmask files, etc., they need a logical place to put them. With the rest of their password cracking stuff makes sense. And similarly, you don't want to have to do this all the time:

oclHashcat64 hashlist wordlist -r ~/.hashcat/rules/my.rule

Instead, it would be much nicer if the user could simply do

oclHashcat64 hashlist wordlist -r my.rule

So having an internal search path that first checks ~/.hashcat then /usr/share/{hashcat,oclHashcat} for things would be really nice.

RE: Packages for Linux distributions - atom - 12-12-2015

This thread was been moved to GitHub: https://github.com/hashcat/oclHashcat/issues/20