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oclHashcat - Single worlist attack - lemon - 05-31-2010

It's great to see so many features with oclHashcat!

But is a way to run oclHashcat with "just" a single wordlist?
(Maybe I missed it)

I know that tho original Hashcat do it perfectly, but it will be nice to make this work using GPU.


RE: oclHashcat - Single worlist attack - atom - 06-01-2010

as you said, hashcat is very fast in doing dictionary attack. even on my biggest wordlists that are greater than 1gb it is finished in less than a minute. why adding dictionary attack on oclHashcat?

RE: oclHashcat - Single worlist attack - vector - 06-01-2010

I also join in lemon`s ask ! I think it will be very useful (unique for GPU) feature!

RE: oclHashcat - Single worlist attack - lemon - 06-01-2010

Some hash types (like MD5 Wordpress) take a lot of time to process, using CPU.

It will be very usefull to have single worlist option in oclHashcat, if you add this kind of hash in the future.

RE: oclHashcat - Single worlist attack - mastercracker - 06-19-2010

For Lemon and Vector. If you absolutely want to do the equivalent of a dictionary attack on OclHashcat, you can do the following:
oclHashcat.exe -o output.txt -1 ?s?d?u?l example.hash example.dict ?1 --rule-left="]"
The ] rule deletes the last character of the word and then you bruteforce the deleted char with all the possible ones. This works well but is at least 3 times slower than doing the attack with Hashcat.

RE: oclHashcat - Single worlist attack - Rolf - 06-19-2010

Mastercracker, [Image: good.gif]
That really imitates single dictionary attack, however, it's slower than hashcat because it only "replaces" the needed word once, the other 94 combinations could just be irrelevant to the needed hash(es).
Of course, you can increase the speed by removing 32 symbols from -1 charset, maybe even all upperalpha.

RE: oclHashcat - Single worlist attack - atom - 01-31-2011

done in oclHashcat+