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preppend number to dictionary - RhinigtasSalvex - 01-15-2016

Hello I have a problem prepending a number to a dictionary.

my rule is: ^1^2^3^4^5

I have made a test hash for 12345test and using a dictionary with only test in it
but it won't work...
I've tested it with only ^1 and 1test and it worked but any number more than that and it won't work.
I can only use CPU so oclhashcat and hybrid attack isn't an option...

I'm using The-Distribution-Which-Does-Not-Handle-OpenCL-Well (Kali) 2 and hashcat v2.00
the comand line comand im using is: ./hashcat-cli64.bin -m 0 -r a5.rule -n 4 -o out.txt test.md5 testwordlist.txt

RE: preppend number to dictionary - philsmd - 01-15-2016

Think about it one more time!

If you first prepend 1
then prepend 2
then prepend 3
then prepend 4
then prepend 5
you end up prepending "54321"

so you need to reverse it to ^5^4^3^2^1 if you want to do it the other way around.

RE: preppend number to dictionary - RhinigtasSalvex - 01-15-2016

oh my god!!! how could I miss that...

I've run through the whole rockyou wordlist with that rule which took 17.5 hours due to bad hardware bevor I noticed something wasn't quite right...

Thank you very much!