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Autocrack.sh Cygwin Path issues? - operat0r - 03-08-2016

I have my own modded old batchcrack but I have the same issues with passing paths to and from cygwin... trying to figure out how https://hashcat.net/tools/experiments/autocrack/autocrack-plus.pl works and use it :

Cygwin (win7)

any-path I put in the wordlist . Only thing that works is /cygdrive/d/Dictionaries/rockyou.txt but when its passed to older autocrack.sh it says it does not exist and the new one just says the following even with quiet removed 

$ perl autocrack-plus.pl  1000

[*] Scanning dictionary mask: /cygdrive/d/Dictionaries/*.txt
[*]Adding dictionary: /cygdrive/d/Dictionaries/1337_speak.txt
[*]Adding dictionary: /cygdrive/d/Dictionaries/rockyou.txt

[*]Starting main loop
[*]Stopping main loop

$ perl autocrack-plus.pl  1000

[*]Scanning dictionary mask: d:\Dictionaries\*.txt

No dictionaries found, giving up...

$ dir  "d:\\Dictionaries\\rockyou.txt"

$ ls /cygdrive/d/Dictionaries/rockyou.txt

$ dir "d:\Dictionaries"
1337_speak.txt       InsidePro.dic     theargonlistver1_clean.lst
18_in_1.lst          PasswordsPro.dic  Xploitz_clean.lst
InsidePro(Mini).dic  rockyou.txt

$ ls /cygdrive/d/Dictionaries/rockyou.txt

The workaround I use for my old script is a improper hack but it sorts the wordlist :

## wordlist attacks


if [ $WORDLIST -eq 1 ]
for i in `ls --sort=size -r "$WORDLIST_PATH"`
run -a 0 "$WORDLIST_PATH"\/$i


RE: Autocrack.sh Cygwin Path issues? - atom - 03-10-2016

> autocrack-plus

holy shit that's old like hell. don't expect this to work with latest version Smile

RE: Autocrack.sh Cygwin Path issues? - operat0r - 03-11-2016

Ya soo what should I be using besides my crap script. I know one of you has automated scripts ...


RE: Autocrack.sh Cygwin Path issues? - atom - 03-11-2016

Play around with the different attack-modes, find what you like, write your own