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crack rar - moohamad55 - 07-20-2016


There is the possibility to crack the file RAR?

RE: crack rar - atom - 07-21-2016

Yes, RAR3 with header encryption and RAR5 is supported. RAR3 without header encryption is not supported.

RE: crack rar - moohamad55 - 07-21-2016

Thanks for your answer.

The options (-m = 13600, 13000, 12500.11600) I used

The hash was not loaded error.


link download file rar for crack:


Which options should be used to crack this file rar?

RE: crack rar - philsmd - 07-21-2016

Why do you claim that it is not working ?
It is working perfectly fine with -m 12500 = RAR3-hp

The hash even has the signature ($RAR3$*0*) that makes it very clear that no other mode than -m 12500 should be used.

Here are all the example hashes: https://hashcat.net/wiki/example_hashes
It should be very easy to see that the "hash" should start with "$RAR3$*0*" (for mode -m 12500, without the quotes) and that there are no file names etc within the "hash".

RE: crack rar - moohamad55 - 07-21-2016

Does not work
Error in the photos below:

RE: crack rar - bastibasti - 07-21-2016

you have to get the hash which you want to attack. for example with rar2john from johntheripper. $RAR3$*1* is not supported afaik