crack rar

There is the possibility to crack the file RAR?
Yes, RAR3 with header encryption and RAR5 is supported. RAR3 without header encryption is not supported.
Thanks for your answer.

The options (-m = 13600, 13000, 12500.11600) I used

The hash was not loaded error.


link download file rar for crack:

Which options should be used to crack this file rar?
Why do you claim that it is not working ?
It is working perfectly fine with -m 12500 = RAR3-hp

The hash even has the signature ($RAR3$*0*) that makes it very clear that no other mode than -m 12500 should be used.

Here are all the example hashes:
It should be very easy to see that the "hash" should start with "$RAR3$*0*" (for mode -m 12500, without the quotes) and that there are no file names etc within the "hash".
Does not work
Error in the photos below:
you have to get the hash which you want to attack. for example with rar2john from johntheripper. $RAR3$*1* is not supported afaik