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Please vote - atom - 02-10-2017

I can increase rule-based attack speed but for the price of a decreased brute-force attack speed.

I can not guarantee the numbers, but after the change all modes will have the same speed.

The speed will be slower to what combinator-mode is doing right now and depend on the hash-mode.

For NTLM, only half the speed of combinator attack
For SHA256, almost the same speed of combinator attack

Note: This is for fast hashes (NTLM, MD5, VB, etc) only. Slow hashes speeds don't change.

RE: Please vote - Chick3nman - 02-10-2017

I'm in favor of the trade off.

RE: Please vote - Psycho - 02-10-2017


RE: Please vote - LSDoom - 02-10-2017

Faster rules all day.

RE: Please vote - d2 - 02-10-2017

Yeah! New algo!

No, wait. Wrong thread.

Yes, do it atom :-)

RE: Please vote - atom - 02-10-2017

For those haven't seen it: There's a voting system on top of this thread

RE: Please vote - blandyuk - 02-10-2017

I'm in favour but, its a shame brute-force it taking a hit. I presume the classes / interfaces are linked in hashcat which is why this is causing this to happen?

Back in the old days, hashcat was split into 2 apps. Because of this, this issue would never occur.

Surely hashcat can accommodate this without a sacrifice? Is it not the crackers way for speed! Smile I do realise it would be a lot of work but worth it and we would have the best of both worlds.

RE: Please vote - mahan - 02-11-2017

Why brute-force attack speed will decrease after changes?

RE: Please vote - epixoip - 02-11-2017

Brute force is for noobs.

RE: Please vote - atom - 02-11-2017

OK, poll is closed now. Bad thing is that I've found in the meanwhile that the idea didn't work out, so everything will stay as-is Smile