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Limit to distribute - netprudency - 03-30-2017


I'm trying to use --limit and --skip option in Hascat 3.40 and I don't understand the way to use these options...
According help on the command line, -l is : "Limit X words from the start + skipped words"

After multiple attempts, it seems to work with restore points. I tried to understand Restore Points but it is not very clear for me. Is it right ?

My goal is to split my hash computing on diffrent computers not in the same place and to manage work session.

I didn't find answer in forums, Google, Wiki...

Sorry for my poor english :-)

Many thanks for this incredible software.

RE: Limit to distribute - philsmd - 03-30-2017

This question was already answered a couple of times, please use the forum search.

RE: Limit to distribute - netprudency - 03-30-2017

It doesn't work in my case.

hashcat64 --keyspace -a 3 -1 ?s?l?d ?1?1?1?1?1?1?1
You need to specify a mask if you specify a custom-charset

But I think I understood with your link and some others threads about loop mask.
Really thanks for the link. I missed this thread.

RE: Limit to distribute - philsmd - 03-30-2017

This is a known issue of the current release version (3.40): see https://github.com/hashcat/hashcat/issues/1153

You could use the beta version which includes the fix (https://hashcat.net/beta/) or wait for the next release version (3.50? no release date yet)

RE: Limit to distribute - netprudency - 03-31-2017

Really a great thanks for all these detailed answers !!
I will wait next release. It's not a critical issue for me.