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dash/darkcoin - tellie1 - 10-10-2017

I found an old dash / darkcoin wallet. Does hashcat support dash wallets? If so, how do I pull the hash from it? Or can I just point hashcat at the wallet?

RE: dash/darkcoin - kiara - 10-10-2017


RE: dash/darkcoin - Chick3nman - 10-10-2017

Hashcat does not directly support Darkcoin/Dash from what I can tell, though if the wallet/coin is Core-derived, it may still be possible assuming they haven't messed with the KDF. Will need to do some more research before I can say for sure. I have other tools that can support them, just not Hashcat currently.

RE: dash/darkcoin - tellie1 - 10-12-2017

It seems to work on latest Dash Core wallet. Made new dummy wallet with a password of all zeros. The following command found it.

./hashcat64.bin -m 11300 -a 3 ../wallet.txt ?d?d?d?d?d?d?d?d?d?d

To pull the hash I had to to use the attached script (wallet.py). I barely know python, can someone look at the script and see if it does anything malicious?

RE: dash/darkcoin - Chick3nman - 10-13-2017

The script you have is fine to use, but if you care, it's using some of the same code as BTCRecover's extract script, found here: https://github.com/gurnec/btcrecover/tree/master/extract-scripts