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Hashcat WPA web UI - mrfancypants - 04-06-2018

If you spend enough time cracking WPA passkeys with hashcat, you may have noticed that handling the grabs is a bit of a hassle. You typically do the grabbing on a laptop and it produces .cap files, but you do the actual cracking on a desktop, and you need to convert the grabs into .hccapx format before feeding them to hashcat.

There may be an easy solution for this and I simply haven't come across it yet, but, not one to shy away from reinventing the wheel, I wrote my own.


Basically, it's a tiny web server that you can upload your .cap files onto, and it automatically converts and attempts to crack any handshakes you got. You may even do it remotely, without being near your desktop, all you need is to open a hole in your firewall. (Though I would not advise that, there may be security holes.)

Testing so far has been minimal, so your mileage may vary.

RE: Hashcat WPA web UI - RealEnder - 04-07-2018

Hi, haven't look in depth, but it's similar to my project here: https://github.com/RealEnder/dwpa

You may find some interesting optimizations you can apply.

RE: Hashcat WPA web UI - mrfancypants - 04-07-2018

It's similar, but much smaller and lighter (300 lines of code), with no dependencies other than python and hashcat, and aimed at Windows.

I'll take a look at yours.