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MASK FILE (NEED HELP) - mysterdee - 04-07-2018

Hi folks.

I am trying to make a mask File or a mask combination so that hashcat will only use certain letters and numbers 

basically  i need a mask for a brute force A-Z 3-9 but isolate (ILOSZ 0125)

for WPA/WPA2

I have not got a clue how to do this and i have been reading up about it but i only found out how to do and A-Z

-1 abcdefghjkmnpqrtuvwxy?d
-1 ?l 346789

so by rights

hashcat.exe -m 2500 capfile.hccap -1 ?l?d (this bit im stuck on)

is it -1 ?l?d

How should i do this mask?

Im stuck..

-1 ILSOZ 0125

is there not a way to do  ?u ?d -1

Does anybody have a clue for me.

Would be very great-full.


RE: MASK FILE (NEED HELP) - GOD - 04-07-2018

I'm assuming TALKTALK keyspace.

hashcat -m 2500 handshake.hccapx -a 3 -1 ABCDEFGHJKMNPQRTUVWXY346789 ?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1


RE: MASK FILE (NEED HELP) - mysterdee - 04-08-2018

lol yeah thats the 1, thanks GOD, knew youd turn up eventually.

Hey While your about GOD 

Could you ask Jesus 

How do i command hashcat to not use repeat Combinations....


P.s Tell him Thanks..

RE: MASK FILE (NEED HELP) - GOD - 04-08-2018

You're welcome. We laugh and say to use Maskprocessor (pipe to Hashcat). Take some time to read through the Hashcat Wiki & FAQ to make sure your questions haven't already been answered.

Also, from our knowledge and experience, the keyspace has had repeating characters as a result. We bless you with good luck.

RE: MASK FILE (NEED HELP) - mysterdee - 04-08-2018