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2 computers - kevtheskin - 11-08-2018

Hello there,
Sorry if this has been asked already. I have a laptop i7 with nvidia 1060 max q and a workstation with i7  asus 1080 card both win 10. Is there a way to combine the 2 pc's gpu to crack the same hash/wpa etc. Is this what the new brain function is for.

Any info much appreciated thanks.

Cheers Kev

RE: 2 computers - royce - 11-09-2018

Yes, you could use the brain for this.

RE: 2 computers - undeath - 11-09-2018

I'm not sure if brain would be too slow and limited for WPA. Especially assuming he's using a standard consumer pc with <=32gb ram.

RE: 2 computers - atom - 11-09-2018

If you stick to --brain-client-functions=2 it will work on every computer and with as many computers as you want. Since --brain-client-functions=3 is the default and therefore this enables --brain-client-functions=1 you can be pretty sure that this will create a bottleneck on almost every computer not just this one. But just for the purpose of just having a distributed solution --brain-client-functions=2 is good enough.

RE: 2 computers - kevtheskin - 11-09-2018

Hello guys,
Thank you for all the answers. I am still new to this hashcat game and struggle to keep up. How do you connect the pc/laptop together. Does the application see all instances of hashcat running if both pc/laptop is on the same lan. Do you have to set a route to each pc. My laptop is a i7 nvidia 1060 max q with ssd and 16gig memory work station is i7 Asus ROG Strix GeForce STRIX-GTX1080-A8G and also 16gig memory.
Both running windows 10.

Thanks Kev

RE: 2 computers - atom - 11-11-2018

That's not how it works because that's not the real purpose of the brain. If you want a real distributed solution for hashcat, use hashtopolis.