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Location of restore file - gupta_arnav - 08-06-2020

I would like to change the system and I have created a checkpoint but i cannot seem to find the restore file. What is the default location of the restore file ?

RE: Location of restore file - philsmd - 08-06-2020

what's your operating system ?

The restore file is named after your session e.g. with default "hashcat" session, it's just hashcat.restore.

By default it's stored in the hashcat folder, e.g. if you downloaded hashcat to the "Downloads" folder, it's Downloads/hashcat/hashcat.restore (the downloaded hashcat folder).

If you use linux or macOS and have installed hashcat with the package manager (apt/brew) or used "make install", the "session" files all reside in your home folder: e.g the file hashcat.restore in ~/.hashcat/

RE: Location of restore file - gupta_arnav - 08-06-2020

Finally found the file. Thanks a lot.