How to map a password policy onto your Mask?
Hi Friends,
lets assume you know details of your password policy e.g.:
  • Amount of characters
  • minimum/maximum amount of letters
  • minimum/maximum amount of numbers
  • restrictions like "no repeating characters" e.g. aa,bb, and so on
  • the pool of special characters

I really don't know how to build a mask like that. Is it even possible to build such a mask, which is usable by hashcat?
If you don't know the answer, maybe you know a good tutorial on building such masks!?

Thanks in advance,
Hey Rob,
the best thing you should do is to have a look into the hashcat wiki and for your particular problem, see here:
Your points:
1. Use your defined mask together w/ pw-min, pw-max if you want to restrict the password length, if you want to reduce the keyspace instead i.e. the chars used see answer 2.
2. you can define custom charsets if the default charsets (Built-in charsets, ?l ?u ?d ?s ?h ... ?a) do not fit for you, use -1 (a number *not* ELL), -2 up to -3 parameter: e.g. -1 abcd and your mask could contain now this charsets as password?1 where ?1 is either a, b, c or d
3. same as in 2. applies here, but you put numbers in ?1
4. either you are able to put this resriction directly into the mask (*not* very likely) or please try maskprocessor ( ) and also see this topic
5. see ?s

Hopefully this helps you to get started ;-)
what do you mean by w/ pw-min , pw-max
how you use that?
(08-25-2013, 07:04 AM)eduonline Wrote: what do you mean by w/ pw-min , pw-max
how you use that?
1) Follow the advice and read the wiki.
2) You might get your answer with one of the features of PACK:
I also get this link I have found almost all the features concern with password policies...