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Full Version: Won! Crack Me If You Can 2014 @ defcon
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Just a short info before we do our writeup.

We won Crack Me If You Can 2014 @ defcon


Sooo happy Smile

Many thanks to all team member, you guys rocked!!

Also congrats to Team Insidepro, you were as strong as always, was a hard time and 48h with less sleep Smile

Also thanks to KoreLogic for organisation Smile You guys did well, too!
Congrats people!
Congrats to all the team! Well done!
Please do the writeup.
(You missed last year.)
I'm curious if any of the methods taught in PasswordsCon 2014 LV were used.
(Team hashcat seems to have the leading researchers.)
Congratulations! Looked like this competition was the reverse of last year where we lead all the way. Unfortunately we suffered from a hardware malfunction at our database and communication system (last 5 hours of the competition) that prevented us to be closer to your team at then end. However, you were so strong this year that I am not sure that we would have been able to do such a comeback. But beware, we have identified what we did good in 2013 that was not there in 2014 so it's going to be more challenging in 2015 (if contest exist, of course). It's always a pleasure to compete with you guys.

Is "twodict.pl" equivalent to any of the existing hashcat-utils?