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Full Version: running two different cards in same machine
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Can you run two different cards, say a gtx 970 and a gtx 760, with the same instance of hashcat?  Or would you have to run two instances with two different workloads?

Also, how about two cards with the same chip, but different clocks? Is it similar to SLI?

Thank you.
Hashcat will happily use heterogeneous cards.
The best way to tell if hashcat is using both GPUs is to run a benchmark. Ensure both GPUs are listed and be sure that your not mixing GPUs that are too old with ones that are too new as there can be a forceware conflict. See below for an example with ATI cards. I know your using nvidia but you can check with the substituting oclhashcat32.exe with cudaHashcat32.exe

cudaHashcat32.exe -m 0 -b 

[Image: 21hBP9Yd.png]

Source: my limited experience.

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