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Full Version: hashcat 3des against adobe?
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Has anyone figured out how to convert the leaked adobe passwords into hashcat-crackable format?
I think I figured it out, if I get it to work will post here.
Still haven't been able to figure out the format hashcat wants, can someone add the hashcat-compliant format for 3des to the wiki?
please add an issue on github so it's not forgotten
(01-13-2017, 10:34 AM)atom Wrote: [ -> ]please add an issue on github so it's not forgotten

I did...... https://github.com/hashcat/hashcat/issues/958
For future searchers, this issue was resolved and closed back in January 2017.


14000 DES (PT = $salt, key = $pass) a28bc61d44bb815c:1172075784504605
14100 3DES (PT = $salt, key = $pass) 37387ff8d8dafe15:8152001061460743
14400 sha1(CX) fd9149fb3ae37085dc6ed1314449f449fbf77aba:87740665218240877702