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Full Version: CL_INVALID_VALUE - yes, OpenCL is installed
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Hi all,
I googled, I searched the wiki, I searched the forum but cannot find even the slightest hint how to solve this problem. Symptoms:

D:\programs\hashcat-5.1.0>hashcat64.exe -I
hashcat (v5.1.0) starting...
clGetDeviceInfo(): CL_INVALID_VALUE

Additional info:
-  First and foremost: I am only interested to run hashcat on CPU. My graphics card is old, unsupported, I don't plan to obtain another.
- Windows 7 pro, 64 bit     (the 32 bit executable behaves exactly the same way as above)
- hashcat 5.1.0
- OpenCL installation:  opencl_runtime_18.1_x64_setup.msi
- CPU: Intel Core i5 760

Any hints?
Thank you very much!

does the beta work for you https://hashcat.net/beta/ ?
(01-14-2020, 09:36 AM)philsmd Wrote: [ -> ]does the beta work for you https://hashcat.net/beta/ ?


D:\programs\beta\hashcat-5.1.0>hashcat.exe -I
hashcat (v5.1.0-1581-g6fc19d9e) starting...

clGetDeviceInfo(): CL_INVALID_VALUE