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keepass - fragman78 - 04-23-2021

Unfortunately, I forgot my password to a very important KeePass with passwords. I try to generate a hash from kdbx with keepass2john (The-Distribution-Which-Does-Not-Handle-OpenCL-Well (Kali)). It generated a hash of 331 characters. Then I try to run Hashcat it keeps saying: token length exception. Maximum Lenght is 256.
I would like to run a combinator attack because I am pretty sure the password was from two words and I remember last the last part of the password (special characters).

Can you please advise?

RE: keepass - Snoopy - 04-23-2021

first be sure that your keepass2john output matches one of these for keepass (see first ~20 chars)

given your length, it doesnt match any of the possiblitys from keepass, a possibility(anything near your 331) would be of length 313 which means
KeePass 2 AES / without keyfile

on the other hand, maximum lenght of 256 sounds more like using optimized kernel with your hash as password candidate

can you provide your command line used? (without the hash)

RE: keepass - fragman78 - 05-11-2021

I give up. I am not able to run hashcat on my RX 6800. I can offer a bounty for someone who will crack my hash from keepass. The password is from two dictionary words (both started with capital) and suffix. This is what I remember.
If you are keen to help me please let me know.

RE: keepass - Snoopy - 05-11-2021

sry that would be against the rules, i think your commandline is just "faulty"

i could help if you would paste something like that

hashcat -m 13400 -a 1 hash.txt dictionary1.dict dictionary2.dict

output -> :
hahscat starting...
error hash lenght exception, no hashes loaded

or something similar, just copy and paste it from the commandprompt or use screenshots, as i said, plz dont show your full hash, use/copy it into hash.txt and its fine
but just for a quick look, can you post the first ~30 chars from your hash? NOT the full hash, see example below
example taken from https://hashcat.net/wiki/doku.php?id=example_hashes