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add wiki ? - Sorcier_FXK - 11-04-2010

With a wiki, we can write support for hashcat /oclhashcat / oclhashcat+.

Maybe good idea, or not.

RE: add wiki ? - D3ad0ne - 11-05-2010

If enough people feel this is a good idea we may consider it. If anyone is interested please post in here so we can get an idea of how many would want it.

RE: add wiki ? - Sorcier_FXK - 11-05-2010

I'm alone with my ideas, huhu

RE: add wiki ? - proinside - 11-06-2010

(11-05-2010, 07:07 PM)Sorcier_FXK Wrote: I'm alone with my ideas, huhu

Nope, I'm looking with interest as well ! Big Grin

RE: add wiki ? - Rabbitz - 11-07-2010

I would like a wiki, too!

RE: add wiki ? - Darakian - 09-15-2011

Plus one here.

RE: add wiki ? - atom - 09-15-2011

if enough people volunteer to fill a wiki with articles i would setup a wiki software here on hashcat.net.
anyone want to do this job?

RE: add wiki ? - HRob1n - 09-15-2011

I will volunteer what I have so far regarding the hashcat-GUI writeup and the rules explanation. Also planning on documenting the new Wireless or WPA features in oclHashcat-plus once it comes out (hopefully this friday). If you let me know what else you would want I could work on putting some more material together for you. Shoot me a PM if you want.

RE: add wiki ? - atom - 09-15-2011

much thanks HRob1n! but one is not enough. some more?

RE: add wiki ? - .::Rizwan::. - 09-15-2011

i am willing to help for wiki.
will try my best but can't give much time.