add wiki ?
With a wiki, we can write support for hashcat /oclhashcat / oclhashcat+.

Maybe good idea, or not.
If enough people feel this is a good idea we may consider it. If anyone is interested please post in here so we can get an idea of how many would want it.
I'm alone with my ideas, huhu
(11-05-2010, 07:07 PM)Sorcier_FXK Wrote: I'm alone with my ideas, huhu

Nope, I'm looking with interest as well ! Big Grin
I would like a wiki, too!
Plus one here.
if enough people volunteer to fill a wiki with articles i would setup a wiki software here on
anyone want to do this job?
I will volunteer what I have so far regarding the hashcat-GUI writeup and the rules explanation. Also planning on documenting the new Wireless or WPA features in oclHashcat-plus once it comes out (hopefully this friday). If you let me know what else you would want I could work on putting some more material together for you. Shoot me a PM if you want.
much thanks HRob1n! but one is not enough. some more?
i am willing to help for wiki.
will try my best but can't give much time.