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[Help] ./eula.accepted: Permission Denied - SirDoSer - 01-15-2014

I run this command hashcat-cli64.exe -m 2811 --outfile=cracked.txt hash.txt wordlist/ and after it asks for me to accept the EULA and tells me to type YES and I do and it says permission denied.

[Image: f77697c6c2a8ea71e52b05fc9ebed056.png]

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

RE: [Help] ./eula.accepted: Permission Denied - unix-ninja - 01-16-2014

It needs to be able to write the EULA accepted file to that directory. Make sure the directory permissions are set properly.

RE: [Help] ./eula.accepted: Permission Denied - SirDoSer - 01-16-2014

I'm pretty sure I already do.

[Image: w4UJYNb.png]

RE: [Help] ./eula.accepted: Permission Denied - 3kings - 01-16-2014

Try running it as an Administrator

RE: [Help] ./eula.accepted: Permission Denied - SirDoSer - 01-16-2014

Nope, that doesn't work.

[Image: b8519288fa6591bf8bf1faeed1134f41.png]