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A beep on exit - tethys - 06-03-2014

I think a beep on exit would be a useful feature.

That's just one line of code.

RE: A beep on exit - Clutch - 06-03-2014

If you set up a script to automate attacks for you, you could end the script with something like -

wall <<< "Done"

Or if you're on windows use this VBS script http://stackoverflow.com/a/774197 and have it run it when hashcat is done.

RE: A beep on exit - aprizm - 06-03-2014

tethys: how do you pronounce your name,? when I say it, it sounds like tittays .

RE: A beep on exit - tethys - 06-04-2014

A la ancient greek I guess: téthys. I made that up. Smile

RE: A beep on exit - tethys - 06-04-2014

Thanks Clutch.

I looked up Hashcat's man page but I cannot see command to run script after it has finished.

RE: A beep on exit - curlyboi - 06-04-2014

On Windows, the easiest way is to:
create a batch file (.cmd or .bat),
add all hashcat commands you want to crack,
create a file, lets say beep.txt, that will contain single character ASCII 07 (might want to use hexeditor),
and everytime you want the beep, simply use type beep.txt

RE: A beep on exit - tethys - 06-04-2014

Yes, that'll do it! Thanks.

RE: A beep on exit - aprizm - 06-04-2014

also pro tip : if you want to use the batch file in windows, you can use a FOR Loop and basically batch up any kind of combination you want, heck you could probably (for sure) do a version of AUTOCRACK using
--debug mode and the hashcat utils. Hell now that I think of it ill work on that tonight and post the results.