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sha512($salt.$pass) - K9 - 09-08-2011

I would like to request the following hash mode:


Hash: a3b1c00fb7230637cc0c45fe43ebcd704b2025400815c38d2473b5235ad878d3efd260b5e87c7fcfdd8c6450111bd3f81b07135f00f241e15dbe4e2d1b544c65
Salt: 17qefgo3r6lcl
Password: fuckyou110

RE: sha512($salt.$pass) - atom - 09-08-2011

OK, lets see how the demand is

RE: sha512($salt.$pass) - K9 - 09-08-2011

The demand is low I guess. I never saw this kind of hashing before.

RE: sha512($salt.$pass) - atom - 02-24-2012

since i have added mac osx 10.7 i can do this easily, too, its the same algorithm. however i dont want to add generic hash-types.

please tell me which os-software/forum-software you have this hash from.

RE: sha512($salt.$pass) - undeath - 02-27-2012

Django uses this PSA.

RE: sha512($salt.$pass) - atom - 02-28-2012

OK, can you tell me more about it? Is it the default in django? Whats the maximum length and since which version is it inside there?

RE: sha512($salt.$pass) - K9 - 02-29-2012

Sorry I was wrong. This is not sha512(Django) its just normal sha512($salt.$pass). Django uses a different format.

RE: sha512($salt.$pass) - atom - 05-08-2012

SHA-512($salt.$pass) finished

see /beta

RE: sha512($salt.$pass) - zanzibar - 08-10-2012

(05-08-2012, 03:54 PM)atom Wrote: SHA-512($salt.$pass) finished

see /beta

i can't find format SHA-512($salt.$pass)
only SHA-512($pass.$salt)

What am I doing wrong?

RE: sha512($salt.$pass) - atom - 08-10-2012

Will be added with next oclHashcat-plus release