I would like to request the following hash mode:


Hash: a3b1c00fb7230637cc0c45fe43ebcd704b2025400815c38d2473b5235ad878d3efd260b5e87c7fcfdd8c6450111bd3f81b07135f00f241e15dbe4e2d1b544c65
Salt: 17qefgo3r6lcl
Password: fuckyou110
OK, lets see how the demand is
The demand is low I guess. I never saw this kind of hashing before.
since i have added mac osx 10.7 i can do this easily, too, its the same algorithm. however i dont want to add generic hash-types.

please tell me which os-software/forum-software you have this hash from.
Django uses this PSA.
OK, can you tell me more about it? Is it the default in django? Whats the maximum length and since which version is it inside there?
Sorry I was wrong. This is not sha512(Django) its just normal sha512($salt.$pass). Django uses a different format.
SHA-512($salt.$pass) finished

see /beta
(05-08-2012, 03:54 PM)atom Wrote: SHA-512($salt.$pass) finished

see /beta

i can't find format SHA-512($salt.$pass)
only SHA-512($pass.$salt)

What am I doing wrong?
Will be added with next oclHashcat-plus release