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PDF different HASH outputs - andydis - 03-07-2018

So I have a PDF file ,  extract the hash using JOHN2PDF.PY

and get the follwoing output:-


But then use another JOHN2PDF.PL and get a different output 


So i tried the online extracter at www.hash-c.co.uk and get the above too.

Both hashes will not work with lastest version of hashcat on mode 10400 , 10500 or 10600 ?

I get line length or salt length errors.

Any idea's?

RE: PDF different HASH outputs - tacohashcat - 03-08-2018

compare them to the example hashes, there is also a pdf2hashcat python script available. You could try using that. Looking at the examples, the second hash looks closest to mode 10400. 

Also, you're not supposed to be posting hashes unless they are a known hash used for an example.