oclHashcat-lite leaked !!!
Hello Guys,

today i got some bad news. It seems a oclHashcat-lite beta tester ripped me off and now sells his modified oclHashcat-lite version as a new SL3 unlocking solution. Needless to say this is clear violation of my EULA.

See here: http://forum.gsmhosting.com/vbb/f299/sl3...l-1235118/

To all potential customers: The beta version this guys sells is not working.
  • The version has Bugs. It will find your hash only sporadically. Chances are 50/50.
  • The version does not support restore at all.
  • He says it works on windows with hd5970. He is wrong. oclHashcat-lite bases on OpenCL but OpenCL support for hd5970 it not yet working on windows. It is known the 2nd GPU does not work, see AMDs driver compatibility List: http://developer.amd.com/gpu/AMDAPPSDK/p...ility.aspx

It makes no sense to sell it. oclHashcat-lite will be free for all when i release it. I did not yet release it because it is not finished. Now i have to think about the consequences of this violation. I feel myself deceived.

links fixed
Stupid asses.
sad that someone you trusted has played you. Well I guess you should uniquely tag individual builds / and simple date check or something of the sort on the test builds.

btw keep up the awesome work
yeah, hidden id would be helpful in this situation...
Hi Atom,
Don't worry about as nobody is going today to buy any bruteforcer but the original author of the software.
There is a huge attention on OclhasCat-lite as the 5970 are almost unavailable on the market nowadays and, as well, load of people are looking for a faster and more parametric bruteforcer the IgHashGpu.
The market now is waiting for you and after will look for a dedicated and optimized Bruteforcer for a fixed charset 00 to 09.
Always all the best


This sucks.Sad I agree to the beta versions with ids. It would be even better if you make it impossible to use it for sl3 unlocking.

About this guy:
- Bad english
- WIN7 64 Bits
- HD-5970
Eh....guy on the other forums signs as BR...... whats up with that?
Very bad newsSad

Im sorry the way things happened, its seriously bad form

I think, if you could make this software to work 100% stable and faster than ighashgpu supporting SL3 hash cracking, you should really create tool that reads specific hardware combination ID of each future user for such software licence, user reads ID of his PC is going to be used on after purchase, and send it to you, you encrypt entire software with specific algo, that will only run on this specific customer hardware combo ID and furthermore there could be online verification after this for security purposes, so software wouldnt be re-distributable, one purchase = works only with one hardware combo ID. Other than that, your solution has really high expectations, so you're in the right place at the right time to make some hard earned income.

Even if you decide to sell you product licence - you can do so by receiving all payments by any means and releasing such software after the specific date to people who paid for their licence.

Wish all the best developing this new solution, and dont let others step down your way, we all know you have your own foot and you can use it ;)

Best Regards