Fan speed problems 6x RX470
[Image: 20161025_103742.png]

My setup:
Windows 7 64bit
Six Gpu - AMD Radeon RX470 4GB
Crimson 16.10.1 drivers
MSI Afterburner. Just using to set my fans manual to 75%, no overclock.

Trying recovery wpa password, with all six gpu fans 75%. 
But problem is after wile some gpu jump to 100%, some to Auto. Its not happening with one gpu, its happen randomly sometimes GPU1, sometimes GPU4.

Already fighting all week. And still not solve my problem.
PC turns off if one of fan goes to 0%. 
Please can someone help me?
[Image: fan_bug.png]
[Image: 123.png]

Any solution? :/

It's maybe hashcats Profile fault?
please write down, ur hardware setup.

ram,cpu,PSU,mobo,case,fans etc.. (everything)
Intel Celeron G1840
Six GPU - AMD Radeon RX 470 4GB 1216Mhz/ 1750Mhz REFERENCE

It's my Miner! Im using Mining software with no issues, just my gpu fans start to be crazy when im start using hashcat 3.10.
I'll was tryed hashcat beta ver. as well, i was changing psu, i was swapped gpus, i tryed setup fans speed on AMD Wattman software, i tryed run 5 gpu's, and same thing... spend more than 100h with no luck!
Problem solve -> Two of Six PCI-E Risers x1 to x16 was bad!
(10-28-2016, 08:24 PM)Puchok Wrote: Problem solve -> Two of Six PCI-E Risers x1 to x16 was bad!

thanks for the update