AMD Catalyst 11.11
Today AMD Announced Catalyst 11.11
Anything new or bug fixes?
(11-15-2011, 08:54 PM).::Rizwan::. Wrote: Today AMD Announced Catalyst 11.11
Anything new or bug fixes?

I suspect not, I have learn't not to get excited about new releases from AMD

colored out original text to avoid confusion. it is not correct any longer, read next post.

I just tried the linux version and there is indeed some change. My first impression is that they locked the CPU affinity to a single core. This means you still have one core loaded with 100% but regardless of how many GPU you are using. This needs some verification but i am to busy right now. I will continue testing the linux version in the next days and the windows version on weekend.
OK, there is more. Finally, Linux user have shipped with the Catalyst driver. So there is no more need to install the SDK.

Unfortunally, if you have it already installed, you have to uninstall it now. The best way to avoid problems is to completly remove the SDK directory.

With SDK 2.4 just remove it. But try to remember, you may have added some LD_LIBRARY_PATH exports in your configs. Remove them.
With SDK 2.5 the installer installs some files in /etc/ Make sure you remove them too and run ldconfig afterwards. It also adds some lines at the end of /etc/profile. You also need to clear them. You may now to reboot now.

After i did that, the same original 100% CPU bug came back. Multiple threads using lots of CPU power as if there was no change at all. Well, at least we do not need the SDK any longer.

One more thing to mention is that the required an symlink so that oclHashcat-lite64.bin find it on startup:

Quote:$ cd /usr/lib
$ ln -s
$ cd /usr/lib32
$ ln -s
OK, more News:

The (never activated) offline devices with codenames "Bears", "Lions" and "Tigers" have been removed from offline device list. These offline devices are required for cross compilation. However, thats good, because they always produced segfaults while compiling.

On the other hand, two new devices "Devastator" and "Scrapper" have been added. They compile and produce fine OpenCL code. So i will have them supported with the next oclHashcat* versions.