hashcat with 3 wordlists
How to run hashcat with 3 wordlists helps me
 " -a ? -m 0000 hash.txt wordlist1.txt wordlist2.txt wordlist3.txt "
since 2+1 = 3 you could just pre-compute 2 dicts and add the 3rd one with -a 1.
There is also combinator3 from hashcat-utils (you can pipe it but it's slower, but could be sometimes better if you target a very slow hashing algo and want to save disk space).

These questions have been answered dozens of times, please use the forum search function next time

btw: the more dictionaries you add together the huger the total number of password candidates will be: it's growing exponential and soon becomes infeasible (that's why oftentimes passphrases are recommended, but of course it's not always bullet-proof either, but it's just a lot of combinations, everything combined with everything)