More than 4 character sets for Mask attacks
I've read previous posts about using more than 4 character sets and I see that it's not possible. Why is that? What's the logic behind not allowing any amount?

This is my issue and I'm not sure how to resolve it using anything other than a mask attack.

Let's take this password for example: ThisIsMyPassword9799!

I'm not sure about the capitilization, I may have capitalized some of the characters, or not. So I'd like to use something like


However, I'm also not sure if I switching o's with 0's, or which special character I've used at the end (and would like to avoid using ?s since I have a much smaller set). It's also possible that I've switching the a's with 4's.

How should I approach this? I'd like to use a Mask attack as it's the fastest and I feel that if I had a way to define more than 4 character sets it would be the best option for me.

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