Anyone used this new Rockyou leak hype wordlist?
Hello, (new member here).

I've only recently noticed this crazy surge in news sites covering this Rockyou data breach password list? From what I have gathered it's a COMB list, right? I have a University project and wanted to demonstrate (in a small portion) to use the biggest currently available wordlist for cracking intranet site logins with payroll numbers etc.

I have so far failed to understand the true size of this .txt file? There are a few sizes showing it to be 100 GB some say it's around circa 94 GB and one Rockyou list I have downloaded is only 5 GB (4.19 before extraction). They do look good on the outside by giving it just a random scroll and CTRL+F for words but my gut feeling was a bit off.

I'm not sure if it's the one everyone is talking about, apparently, it was leaked on some file-sharing size by the original leaker and since it has kinda disappeared. Has anyone got their hands on the leaked .txt file yet and tried to do some good password cracking? Just want to make sure It is worth to download and try a worthy list with some data that makes sense e.g. Wikipedia words common usernames etc before wasting compute timeĀ Sad

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