Plugins 2500/2501 and 16800/16801 are deprecated
Guys, you make one old lazy MF blush :-) I didn't port HCXTOOLS to Windows, actually I didn't even change a line of code - it's all ZB's work and people who created CYRWIN. Here are the instruction how to compile:

How to compile HCXTOOLS for Windows OS:

1. Install CYRWIN from

2. Install these packages. Select "view:full", search by name, under "new" change from "skip" to latest version available. Make sure you pick exactly listed packages - there are many to pick, very confusing

Package Categories
cygwin Base
cygwin-devel Devel
gcc-core Devel
zlib-devel Devel
libcurl-devel Devel, Libs, Net
libssl-devel Devel
make Devel
git Devel


4. Type "git clone hcxtools", that will fetch latest source code

5. Type "Make", that will compile and create all EXE files

6. If you want to run EXEs w/o CYGWIN installed - copy these DLLs from cygwin64\bin:


And here is the link to executables:

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