PeaZip PEA Archive Hash Extraction
(10-10-2021, 08:18 PM)13enzene Wrote: Does anyone have any experience or advice on extracting the hash and/or cracking .pea archive files?

First time I have had to dealt with one and thought that maybe it was just a special zip, rar or 7z type file however my usual methods for extracting the hash to crack with hashcat have failed.

Any advice from anyone that has dealt with them before would be greatly appreciated! Thx!!!

take a look at

it seems it has its own fileformat and different types for encrypting the password, if there is no tool in the JTR package which can handle .pea out of the box, i think extracting the hash will be something for a developer, and also im not quite sure whether these hash-combinations (triple) are supported by hahscat

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