OpenCL printf final digest value is wrong
Hey guys, thanks for clicking my question. I the last days i started to dive into the hashcat source code. Currently i am looking a the kernel. I wanted to debug it a bit by printing the final digest value that is calculated. However, the value that i print is not matching the final hash. The digest values are stored in u32x type, i tried multiple ways to format the value but it never seems to fit the hash.

Am i missing a step? Or how could i print the final hash before exiting the kernel? I would be verry thankful if you could help me out, i will attach a screenshot to show what i mean. My output starts at FINAL - Werte. I changed the kernel at Line 291.

[Image: W0XUGp4.png]

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OpenCL printf final digest value is wrong - by 465w54e5 - 02-21-2022, 07:20 PM