2.6 BTC wallet stuck inside RAR file
I don't expect to necessarily hire over this platform, anyone who is into cracking hashes and would like to help is welcome. I am depressed due to the loss and I think most of the people who are in this field don't work for $ mostly they are enthusiasts just like me. But I don't mind spending on this project since this has got some $$ involved already. I paid someone local to me but he was unable to complete it because he had less compute power available, and said better check online. So I am here.

(04-02-2024, 11:07 AM)CmdFlaz Wrote: Hey rosemarys,

Try using this site to extract the rar hash if your struggling:


Then your next step would be to generate a passwordlist or ruleset for the potetial passwords,

Then to save time you should rent a RTX 4090 rig on vast and load a hashcat docker and run the hash & passlist.

Theres guides on here, AI can be useful to troubleshoot setting up or errors too, I dont think you can hire hash crackers on these forums tho.

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