How to md5($salt,$pass) with hex salt
Dear all,

Could you give me advice how to crack shared secret in radius server replies that's a md5($salt,$pass) with hex salt in Hashcat. It was clear until oclHashcat was depreciated but now... Hashcat supports md5($salt,$pass) but not hex salt, oclHashcat-plus supports hex salt but no generic algorithms... similarly oclHascat-lite.

Request for adding support for the algorithm was refused even though it was promised to support all oclHashcat algorithms in oclHashcat-plus. I understand Atom's reason but new users just need to carefully read documentation on the other hand removing features makes serious problem to advanced users who would like to use - it's incomparable. I think that newbies and less advanced users almost sure will use GUI. There could be switch between basic and advanced user interface in the GUI what solves mentioned problem with confusion of new users achieving support in advanced menu and CLI for advanced ones. Support in oclHashcat-lite will be welcomed as well...


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