Public Hash Cracker programming help

I need some code and database optimization tips. I'm trying to make a custom public hash cracker, just for LinkedIn hashes.

- adding multiple passwords to the database at once
- downloading all uncracked hashes
- downloading cracked password list

I already did a beta version in PHP and MySQL, but database calls are really slow. They take about 4 seconds each, because the database has 6.5 million rows.

My VPS server:

- Ubuntu server x64
- Intel i7 2,93GHz (1 core only)

Database table:
- id - INT(11)
- sha1 - VARCHAR(40)
- plain - TEXT

The current SQL query for adding passwords is:
PHP Code:
UPDATE linkedin SET plain='".$plains[$i]."' WHERE substring(sha1,6,40LIKE substring(SHA1('".$plains[$i]."'),6,40
*substring(sha1,6,40) is used because of possible 00000 prefixes
*the query gets executed in a for loop for each new password, is there a faster solution?

What can i do to optimise my application? Thank you so much!

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