Volume control ?
Ha ha I appreciate this is an unusual request title but bear with me !

Would it be possible to adjust the cracking speed by the fan % ?

The reason for my request is that some of us are not lucky enough to have dedicated cracking computers in separate rooms. Having this function would allow those of us to turn the volume down a bit with our fans !

I have noticed that if my card runs at 69c my fan noise is very quite compared to when it is at 70c +. This slight change in temperature and fan speed makes a massive difference to the noise in the room. I understand this helps in no way the cracking speed which hashcat-plus is all about, but user enjoyment reaches new highs !!

This feature would be a bit like the new maintain temperature feature now, but as mentioned, it would be based on fan speed instead.

I have recently been cracking MD5 and noticed the noise difference compared to when I crack (err…test) .hccaps. If this feature was possible it might be an added bonus to allow the user to change this setting whilst cracking. This would allow the user to continue a long run (time) and turn down the volume when working in the same room and increase the fan speed throughout the night.

Conversely those who have computers in their bedrooms will be able to turn the noise down through the night and back up again in the morning (or early afternoon for students). Smile

This feature will also have a double bonus as it could be thought of as a variable / automatic version of watchdog. So, rather than slamming the cracking to an abrupt stop hashcat-plus could turn down the speed and allow the card to cool.

I understand atom that you are all about speed, something which you excel at by the way, but some thought to end user usability would be very much appreciated. I also understand this may be difficult to code so I am not too confident this will be accepted, which is fair enough.

Thanks anyway.

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