Find a 10 characters' password
Since my problem in my first thread has very evolved and got no more answers, I'll ask your help one more (one last?*) time.
I kind of understood how to use oclHashcat so this problem is solved. But I still can't hack the phpbb3 password I'm looking for : this is boring because I think I have all I need to hack it !

I am now sure of one thing : the password has ten characters. I tried a mass attack :
-1 ?l?d?u ?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1
But it will run ten years!
The same time for juste ?l?u and ?l only.

So I quit mass attack and tried with some french dictionnary (because a french made this password) but I can't get any results (even with rules)

But by doing this, I don't tell oclHashcat that the password is 10 characters long! Is there a way to do it? Will it help oclHashcat with a more complicated attack ? (which attack ?)

Also, I can see the database of the phpbb3 board, so if there is something somewhere that can help oclHashcat, please tell me!
(Like putting my password not crypted and the hash corresponding on the database in a command... I really don't know, I'm just saying).

I really wish you'll be able to help me, and if you aren't, please tell me where I can find some help.

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