Can't crack hash of 60 digit pass (only few unknow digits)
(04-14-2013, 08:13 AM)halfie Wrote: tldr but can JtR be useful here?
Let me know if the existing formats don't support multi-block. I can write a custom (read slow) format for this job Wink

Thanks for the offer Smile I read opencl-support isn't as good as Hashcat, so I doubt it can handle big passes at usefull speed, I'll surely try it if I can't do it the Hashcat-Way.
(04-15-2013, 09:55 AM)atom Wrote: The problem with > 55 is that you require another transform. Speeds will at least drop to 50%.

I measured the hashing speed of 54 chars with 3x Amd 58xx cards, it's 180Mhash/s (10chars go at 5 GHash/s) . After some overclocking a 50-70% speed drop to under 90Mhash wouldn't be a big problem I think. (I'll only have like 4*10^12 possible combinations)
Although this feature request has probably no general use for anyone except me, but is there be a way my request could be filled? (some comensation for coding is possible Wink )

EDIT: nevermind

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