Intel Iris Pro 5200 and other current (Intel)APUs
Ok, I understand you guys are probably more info cracking/hacking than me and are more likely to buy a Desktop PC with a >200€ card just for hashing alone, not gaming. But think about how many Intel HD 4xxx/5xxx graphics (latest and fastest generation ATM) Desktop PCs and notebooks users are out there, where the users can't afford -not enough space- a >200€ card (e.g. because it's a notebook, Intel NUC or Gigabyte BRIX) or don't have a card at all.

My guess is if utilizing not only the CPU but also the GPU inside the CPU, the performance could easily double (or better if it's an Iris Pro 5200), which at least for so many would be nice to see. (Yes I know this is nowhere near a e.g. 7950)

Maybe it can't be done now because Intel's opencl drivers aren't ready jet, but one day. See link in first post.

Sad enough hashcat is not open source, imagine something happens to the developer, the development of hashcat would stop and it would stop working and disappear very quickly.

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