New Build - 4*7990
Hi guys,

the prices of the 7990 really dropped in the last few weeks since the press release of the 290RX. This has made me reconsider a 8GPU system in my desktop. As for my plans i want to have your opinions / advice before i start buying something. And i know that TYAN servers are the best but i want to have it in my desktop with watercooling. Tell me what you think and you guys maybe have tips / answers to my questions.

Corsair Obsidion 900D
2*1250watt seasonic-x
-motherboard undecided-
4*club3d 7990 v2
4 radiatiors with a similar setup like this:

i want to know if i should get a dual socket CPU to be able to have 8gpu's because i think most systems are limited to 6 gpus even the new ivy bridge ASUS Rampage IV Extreme can have 4 gpu's but will it also detect all 8 gpus?

Im intending to run ubuntu on it.

Let me know guys seriously considering this.


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