after upgrade, hashcat is slow and pauses
I upgraded my password cracking box, and the speeds slowed down. What is even more frustrating though, is the cracking actually stops sometimes.

For example, usually I used to rip straight through wordlists for dictionary attacks. Now it takes 20 minutes or more because the cracking stops for 5 minutes or so at a time (if I click s for status, it shows that the GPU speed is 0 H/s).

Any ideas? I have a AMD 6990 that runs on a Linux platform.

Previous: oclHashcat-plus 0.12 with OpenCL 12.8. A type 1000 would crack at about 4800 k/s.

Current (slower, pausing): oclHashcat-plus 0.15 with OpenCL 13.4. A type 1000 cracks at about 4300 k/s.

The most frustrating is checking the status of the cracker, and it is going either at half speed or 0 k/s for a while. Any ideas?

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after upgrade, hashcat is slow and pauses - by ccole - 10-31-2013, 08:35 PM