problem in Unicode hashes
hashcat does not only crack ascii hashes, that is false. hashcat does not care one bit about encoding, all it cares about are the bytes. if the password is unicode, then your candidates should also be unicode. ascii in, ascii out. unicode in, unicode out.

epixoip@token:~/oclHashcat-1.02$ echo -n 1 | iconv -t utf16le | sha512sum
849b2f3f63322343fddc5a3c8da8f07e4034ee4d5eb210a5ad9db9e33b6aec18dea81836a87f9226a4636c6c77893b0bd3408f6d1fe225bb0907c556a8111355  -

epixoip@token:~/oclHashcat-1.02$ echo -n 1 | iconv -t utf16le >1.txt

epixoip@token:~/oclHashcat-1.02$ xxd -p 1.txt

epixoip@token:~/oclHashcat-1.02$ ./oclHashcat64.bin -m 1700 849b2f3f63322343fddc5a3c8da8f07e4034ee4d5eb210a5ad9db9e33b6aec18dea81836a87f9226a4636c6c77893b0bd3408f6d1fe225bb0907c556a8111355 1.txt

oclHashcat v1.02 starting...

Session.Name...: oclHashcat
Status.........: Cracked
Input.Mode.....: File (1.txt)

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