Ubuntu 12.04 2+ GPU hanging
I'm trying to set up my rig according to epixoip's guide from the wiki (HOWTO: Ubuntu Server + AMD Catalyst + oclHashcat). I got it up and running on one R9 290 all right, 160-170 kh/s as advertised. But then I got a few problems - would be extremely thankful for someone helping me out as I've been bashing my head over this for the last 12 hours and it hurts.

I got six R9 290 and two PSU 1250 W each. I am trying to get running at least two of GPUs with one PSU (should be more than enough). Mobo is MSI Z77 (3x PCIE-16 + 4x PCIE-1). GPUs are 100% identical and I'm confident about them and other components.

I have no problem with one card in a PCIE slot - boots and works. However, when I take it out and attach to a riser (tried two different) it doesn't provide any video signal. I'm not sure if it does anything because it doesn't look like BIOS is loading at all (no signal, Ctrl+Alt+Del does nothing). It just hangs in a powered on state without output.

Once again, if I put the same card into PCIE-16, without a riser, it works like it should. Tried a few risers and slots for them, no luck. I'm not missing anything? Should I do something extra for risers to work?

Then I have tried putting two cards into PCIE - they boot okay but only into Windows 8 (on another drive I got). But I can't get them working in Ubuntu 12.04, it freezes upon boot, obviously when X tries to start. Once I remove one card it works okay. And if I put one card on a riser and another into PCIE even Windows won't boot - the same problem as above, no video output, no BIOS logo. Nothing.

Any idea why risers don't work and/or why Ubuntu freezes when I put on both cards?

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