v1.31 and v1.30 are both much slower than v1.21
No,the gpu clock did not drop on v1.31. I checked with msi afterburner and gpuz. Thanks.

(11-09-2014, 02:13 PM)chnhnm Wrote: can you check if your gpu clock drop when your display goes off. cuz that's the problem i'm seeing on 1.31 with latest 14.9 catalyst. don't know if 1.30 had that behavior but 1.21 didn't have that problem.

if your gpu clock does drop too then either i can submit the bug report or i can do the screencaps and logs and u can turn it in all the same. i used gpu-z to verify. on my platform it drops to 276MHz from 400MHx (A6-3400M radeon 6520g gpu) even though gpu stays fully loaded @ 100%

(10-16-2014, 04:23 PM)smile Wrote:
(10-16-2014, 03:00 PM)philsmd Wrote: 1. there were a lot of changes and atom already mentioned that the default tuning was changed heavily among those versions. Also to avoid users continously reporting freezes, hangs etc
Therefore, you should make sure that the same tuning is used among the versions you test and/or have a look at the parameter:
-w, --workload-profile=NUM Enable a specific workload profile, see references below
The current workload profiles are:
1 = Reduced performance profile (low latency desktop)
2 = Default performance profile
3 = Tuned performance profile (high latency desktop)

So, you should try w/ -w 3, to use the performance profile (instead of the default performance profile, -w 2).

2. pls do not test/benchmark/compare with --force. oclHashcat even warns you that when you use --force you shouldn't ask for help nor report any problems (including performance differences etc). It is also very likely that if you use --force (and the driver is not supported by that specific oclHashcat version), that you miss some cracks etc (and other strange behavior). So pls do not post any more tests w/ --force . Thx

Please notice that '--force' is only used to v1.21, otherwise the program can't start on driver 14.9 !!
Please notice that even run oclexample0.cmd, it turns out the same result. Even I add -w 3, speed is much slower than v1.21 too!
I don't think there was any problem in my tests.

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