Combine to user:pass, Crashes with --show

I have some issues combining two files. I have a 250k IPB hash file (yes this one is posted here before, and no I don't need it cracked further)

My 250k file is formatted: User:Hash:Salt
my 100k file is formatted : Hash:SaltTongueassword

I need to get user:pass

I have tried doing this with hashcat:

hashcat-cli64.exe -m 2811 --username --show --outfile-format=2 -o Output.txt Hashes.txt

But it crashes with OCL version, and with CPU version I only get plain passwords, no usernames.

Thank you for helping!!

PS filesize to big for attachment, can be downloaded here:

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Combine to user:pass, Crashes with --show - by eddow - 01-29-2015, 11:46 AM